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When I got married, my family more than doubled in size. I started having a hard time keeping up with everyone’s birthday. For a while now, I’ve seen birthday calendar ideas on Pinterest. I’ve wanted to make one for myself, but never really liked the designs of the ones I saw online. They were all so big and bulky. No offense, but I didn’t want a birthday calendar taking up a large space in my home.

After thinking on it for a while, I came up with this idea for making a small, simple family and friends birthday calendar.

Easy DIY Birthday Calendar from Satisfaction Through Christ blog

The supplies you need are a small clipboard (can be found at Walmart), tissue paper or a piece of scrapbook paper, modpodge, and colorful cardstock.

Supplies for do it yourself birthday calendar | Satisfaction Through Christ blog

First, you need to cut 2 pieces of your tissue or scrapbook paper down to the size of your clipboard (I do it just a tiny bit larger than the clipboard).

Use your modpodge to adhere the tissue or scrapbook paper to the clipboard. (Tip: Do the back first so that the overlap won’t be visible because the front piece will cover it.)

Step Two - Putting It Together! DIY Birthday Calendar from Satisfaction Through Christ blog

Next, cut your colorful cardstock down to where it is a little smaller than your clipboard.

Write the name and birth-date of each person that you want on your calendar on a separate piece of cardstock. (Tip: Don’t put the writing too close to the top or the clip will cover it.) I prefer each person having their own piece instead of doing it by month. This way, as your family grows, you can just add a new piece of cardstock for that person.

Write Out the Birthdays!

Put the cardstock in order with the upcoming birthday on top. After that day passes, put that person in the back.


The best part is it’s small enough, you could tuck it away somewhere or the clipboards from Walmart have a place at the top where you could hang it up.

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