My Name is Erin Book Review for Preteen and Teenage Girls And Giveaway!

book review and giveaway for christian preteen and teenage girls
For Today’s Girls!

Have you ever attended a class or special event and a speaker launched into a topic that was something you desperately needed help/teaching/guidance with, and then when your hopes were high the speaker ended up addressing the topic through the lense of stereotypes that you didn’t fit and suddenly you were just as hopeless as ever?

I have. My husband and I have challenges, because we are, after all a married couple, but we’ve found over and over that our issues aren’t addressed because we don’t fit some of the major stereotypes of husbands and wives. Consequently we are usually left to wonder on our own in the sea of marriage guidance books/speakers/sermons that float around us.

I wouldn’t be so excited about this book series from Erin Davis, if they fit the description I just wrote. If Erin spoke only to stereotypes of girls, thereby missing or offending large groups of girls who fit this type, or that type, or their own type, I wouldn’t be recommending that ALL preteen and teenage girls add these books to their lives.

Erin Davis - Four Books for Girls
Erin Davis – Four Books for Girls

As I read the My Name is Erin books, I was hugely impressed by Erin’s ability to speak clarity into deep topics without sounding condescending.

& can I tell you a secret?
Even though it’s been several years since teen-hood, for me, some of the topics that Erin addressed spoke deeply to issues I deal with as a wife, mother, and adult woman. I didn’t expect that. Additionally, I think Erin’s words, and Bible-lense view of girls’ lives today was able to help me let go of my frustration about being confused about my identity and my purpose. 

Erin, if you stumble across this review, thank you for that unexpected grace you dropped into my life, grace I didn’t know I was in need of, and grace I certainly didn’t expect to find in a book for girls!

On that note, I’m going to let Erin do some of the talking. I want you to see some of the quotes that impressed me big-time while reading My Name is Erin One Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is, My Name is Erin One Girl’s Journey To Discover Truth, My Name is Erin One Girl’s Plan for Radical Faith, and My Name is Erin One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference.

My Name is Erin Books Quotes
My Name is Erin Books Quotes

One last thing that impressed me about Erin’s voice for teenage girls is that instead of addressing serious topics of girl-hood with a “woe is me, this is a bad bad world” mentality – she approached all the concepts, even the hard issues with excitement and the kind of tone that would make passion for God contagious to a teenager. That was refreshing. Snag the books for a teen girl you know, they’re worth it!

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