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For years I never ministered outside of the church. I was so introverted and terrified of talking to people, yet inside the church I was serving, volunteering at events and helping with kids church. That was my comfort zone.  I had no idea as to what ministering looked like outside of the church. I was always too worried I would come across like a holy roller, or someone who thought I was better than them. So, instead of letting my light shine, I hid it.  It was far too easy to be a “good” christian at church, but it is what happens outside of church that really defines our walk. 

I slowly learned that If God called us to only do ministry inside the church compounds then the world would never experience His extravagant love. I can read and study my Bible all day long, but If I am not acting out the word I am putting in my spirit then it truly is useless. 


It wasn’t until I met my husband and saw how he lived his life that I learned a tangible way of how to be Christ-like in the real world.  Corey, my husband, owns a restaurant that has a Christian foundation and mission statement, I’m sure you can guess which one it is… “eat mor chikin”  Shortly after we married I started working in the restaurant and I got to see how he interacted with customers. I saw him pray for a lady after he took her order, I saw him give away free food to people whose card got declined, I saw him outside of work pay for peoples groceries in Walmart even when he didn’t have much money, I saw him start up random conversations with strangers just asking how their day was going.  I saw him be Christ and it was so easy for him. By watching Corey live his life for others, I began to understand what ministry was. 

If we as Christians turn our eyes and ears off when we leave church, how will we ever make an impact? 

Thankfully, our business is a christian one so we are encouraged to reach out to customers and minister to them. That really challenged me to come out of my shell and not make it about me. I would use my shyness as an excuse to not talk to people.  Oh poor me, I am so shy and I don’t want to offend anyone so I’m not going to talk to people about Jesus.  However, I was looking at it all wrong.  I was making the gospel a self-centered gospel by saying “I” am too scared, “I” am too shy. When I would say that it meant I was denying Gods power and His word which says “I have not given you a spirit of fear”  So, I put my own ego aside and just started asking customers, and strangers how their day was going.  You can show love in so many ways, love doesn’t have to represent money or time, it represents compassion for your fellow man.  

So next time you are at the grocery store, just ask the cashier “How is your day going?” And just let your light shine.  People want to feel like they are noticed and appreciated. That is one of the most tangible ways I have learned to be Christ-like outside of the church. Now, not every person wants to be talked to, but at least I am doing my part by allowing God to open a potential heart of a stranger for His love to be poured into.  

Lastly I wanted to finish telling y’all about the story of Corey praying for a lady over the counter at Chick-Fil-A. He first asked her how she was doing, he could tell she was upset about something, and she burst into tears because she had just come from her sons funeral.  So because he took that first step and asked a stranger about their day he got to pray for her and be the hands and feet of Jesus. It wasn’t at an altar or church stage, it was behind a cash register as he was taking her order. 

That is what ministry looks like outside of the church walls.  It is loving all people at all times, even the most inconvenient
 times. We can’t actually minister to people unless we talk to them. God will take care of the rest, we just have to act in faith, and sometimes faith looks like opening our mouth and saying “Hey, how are you doing today?  

How has your ministry taken you outside of the church building?

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    I found this article through Twitter. I love that you”caught on.” This is exactly what Christ calls us to do. Not reaching out and sharing your talents doesn’t allow you to grow closer to Him either. And yes it is hard when it’s not your “thing” but that’s the point. The right thing is seldom easy. Good for you. And may God continue to bless you.

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    Awesome post Haylee!!!!!!!!!!! It is during those times of surrender and stepping out of our comfort zones where God does His best work! I love you girl!!!!

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