The Measure of Success

The Measure of Success

The Measure of Success – Uncovering the Biblical perspective on women, work & the home

Written by Carolyn McCulley and Nora Shank:


This is a wonderfully written book that simply does NOT give into the “Mommy Wars.”  This book takes a practical look at what everyone misses about success because they are focused on who is right.

This book is for women.  All Women, including young women, single women, mommies with kids at home and us empty nesters – which they lovingly call “open nesters.”

Expertly divided into three parts, Carolyn and Nora explore “The Story of Work, The Theology of Work and the Life Cycle of Work.”

Knowing that “It’s very easy to confuse what we do with who we are” they remind us that this changes and measuring success this way is very counterproductive as we will all “retire” one day.

This book is practical, helpful and is a great reminder that success comes to all of us in different forms.

The Measure of Success walks us through the question that so many ask – Am I living a life that glorifies God?

Being a woman isn’t easy as we are so tough on each other.  Being a mom isn’t easy as we often pile unrealistic expectations on ourselves.  Being Christ centered – that is what we should strive to do.


Other Quotes that I loved from the book:

  • The true measure of success is not based upon any human standard
  • We may be wives or mothers, but as important as these are, they are roles that end in this life
  • God has a purpose for our productivity
  • Trust God to work in you
  • Rest is part of the rhythm of work that God has designed for us
  • Our daily labors – be they in the marketplace or home – are opportunities for us to love others through our efforts

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  1. Robin Christofaro says

    I love everything about being a mom. Even the difficult times are moments to remember.

  2. mj baker says

    This sounds like an interesting book – sometimes it is hard to remember that true success needs to be looked at by God’s not society’s measure. What I love about being a mom is the quiet times when we lie together and I hear about their concerns, hopes and dreams.

  3. says

    I love everything about being mom! Especially those precious moments when my daughter crawls in my lap and gives me a hug for no reason at all. Best moments!

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