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So, I have this friend. Her name is Christy and we have been friends for about 15 years. Our friendship is not and has never been one where we see each other every day or talk to each other every day. She has lived in many different states over the past several years so our time together has been more about quality than quantity.

Although she has been a tremendous influence and mentor in my life, I don’t think that she knows that she has taught me one of the biggest lessons in my life.

She has taught me the art of Loving Well.

This is not an art that comes naturally for everyone. Not everyone loves well but Christy does. I have had the enormous blessing of being on the receiving end of that love. Receiving hasn’t always been easy but it has shaped me and given me new perspective.

There are so many hurting and broken people in our lives that need to be loved well. That is exactly the way that Christ desires for us to love those around us.

Be Intentional

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the hurts of the people that are in your life. There is always someone at some time that is feeling lost or rejected or abandoned or alone. Once you are aware, take the next step and reach out to them.

Ask The Hard Questions

This is where accountability comes in. Often, we wear a mask of saying, “I’m fine” when we aren’t. We put on a brave face so everyone will think that we are okay and that we can handle whatever we are going through. We want to be viewed as strong and not as victims. Christy always has a way of cutting through surface level questions of the standard “How are you?” Dig deeper beyond what your eyes can see. There are always levels to what people are feeling.


A true test of loving well is learning how to persevere in friendship. No matter how many times someone tells you that they are okay but you can tell that they aren’t, don’t give up. God never gave up on us. We shouldn’t give up on others. People want to know that they matter and that they are worth being pursued.

Learning to love well will take effort but know that the Lord is pleased when we do. There is such a blessing for us and for the other person on the other side.

This a good work that God has called us to.
This work is the very work of Christ.

Oh, that we would learn to Love Well!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Do you struggle with loving others well? Do you struggle with being loved well?

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  1. carolapv says

    It’s what we all desire, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder to be aware of times we can reach out.

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