My Story Joseph & My Story David {#Giveaway}

My Story: Joseph Review

My Story: Joseph & My Story: David have been favorites around our home the last few months!  The Old Testament stories are some of the richest in the Bible and it’s been a pleasure to be able to share some of those with Moriah in such a fun and engaging way.

In My Story Joseph we follow the story of the coat Joseph’s father gives him, his being sold into slavery by his brothers (found in Genesis 37), his time in prison (Genesis 39-40), his interpretation of Pharoah’s dream and his rise to power (Genesis 41), and his provision for and protection of his family (Genesis 45-46).

In My Story David we follow David as he is anointed King (1 Samuel 16) and through his infamous battle with Goliath (1 Samuel 17)!

What We Love About the Books

The stories are told from a first-person point of view and gives children the idea that Joseph and David are telling the stories themselves which makes it fun for them to follow along.

The books have a lot of pictures and are written in a fun way with commentary and little arrows pointing out key figures and places!

I love that there’s a place in the back of the books that goes over key parts of the stories and includes stickers to encourage children to remember what they’ve learned.

Key Issues With the Books

I’m a major proponent for sharing all of the story with our kids. I think we can sometimes leave out things because we fear that they might not understand. But, I believe that they’re never too young to hear the truth in it’s entirety.  For that reason, I wish they would have gone into more details about the stories.  So, I would encourage you to read the actual biblical accounts with your kids!

In My Story David it says that David’s brothers were jealous of him being anointed King. Nowhere in the Bible does it say this.  I personally don’t think there’s any real purpose for adding to the story, especially in this way. The story is just as God intended it, without little tidbits being added to it.

In the end, I encourage you to align your teachings with the scriptures – these are what will impact your children’s hearts forever!

What Tommy Nelson Has to Say About the Books

My Story: Joseph and My Story: David

*ages 1-4
*Engaging art with stories told in first-person perspective
*Each book includes 45 story-themed stickers that kids can use throughout the book to enhance application and learning

Today one reader will win a copy of each of the books! Flip through a few pages of Joseph here and David here and enter to win a copy of your own below!

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  1. Megan says

    WELL…I knew that you had a giveaway coming up and then I saw where you posted it on our group this morning. The more I read Bible stories as an adult, the more I realize how much they are embellished when you are a child. Lee and I bought several children’s Bibles we’ve read through bits and pieces of to decide which one or ones we would like to use in the future according to which ones are the most accurate according to the actual Bible.

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    I’ve been an email subscriber for some time now – and life is finally calming down a little bit, so I can actually read blogs now!

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