Monday, July 1, 2013

Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended {Giveaway}

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Have you ever heard of the "gift of singleness"?  Apparently I don't have that gift, but I know a couple of people that do.  So when Moody Publishers contacted me and offered to give away a couple of copies of Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended by Lina Abujamra I thought of a few people that could really benefit from it and I pray that you will too.

"If singleness is a gift, can someone please point me to the return counter?"
Tired of feeling sorry for yourself? Sick of answering the same old questions about why you still haven't found your perfect match?
Despite what many people think, singleness is not a disease. It's not the lesser option. Singleness is God's gift to you today.
In Thrive, Lina Abujamra - who has been single for over 40 years - will show you how you can make a difference with your life right now instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. If you're ready to figure out what God has to say about singleness instead of relying on your own feelings and conclusions, this book is for you.
Isn't it time you get excited about your life in Christ and quit falling back into the same old pattern of thinking? Freedom. Joy. Abundance. Hope. All these are yours the moment you embrace all that God has for you right here right now.
Go ahead. It's ok to smile. Life as a single Christian is good.
In Thrive, Lina encourages singles to find their true satisfaction in Christ and the gift that he's given them in singleness.  Whether you're single for a season or single for life, God has not gifted you as a curse, but as a blessing.  Thrive encourages singles to "embrace all that God has for you right here, right now". 

I believe each of us can benefit from Thrive in one way or another.  The fall of man and the introduction of sin thousands of years ago left every single one of us yearning for more.  Whether you're married, have kids, have the perfect job, the perfect house, make a good amount of money, or have everything you think you could ever still aren't satisfied.  You're still not thriving because you have a God shaped hole in your soul that won't be satisfied until Christ's return.  Trust me, I know.  I have everything I've ever wanted and I'm still not satisfied!

"No marriage will ever fulfill your deepest longings."

Being in youth ministry we don't teach dating.  Our goal isn't to point our teens towards the heart of the opposite sex, it's to point them to the heart of Jesus.  We have a few girls that have "lived and learned" and have now committed to singleness, for now.  I don't believe either of them have a lifetime gift of singleness, but I do believe they are gifted for a season.  I want them to always know that they are no less because they've chosen to commit their heart to Christ and him alone; and I think they do.  I'm very proud of them for the commitment that they've made and I'm honored to be called to minister to them.

"A biblical view of self elevates Christ as the standard and puts self in its proper place at the foot of the cross."

If you find yourself in a season of singleness, I urge you to take some time to read this book.  I know that you'll walk away with a better understanding of the gift that the Lord has given you.  And, I pray that you know that "God's plan for you is to give you the desires of your heart."  Seek Him!

Today, two readers will win a copy of Thrive.  Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

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  1. the only "gift" I can think of is to help those less fortunate than myself.

  2. I can act. I really, really, want this book. I might even buy it if I don't win :)

  3. My "gift" is being emotional. It sounds silly and can be embarrassing, since I can cry at the drop of a hat. But I should allow myself to experience emotions because it means that my heart is not hardened.

    1. I have the same gift, and I need to learn to use mine in a better way.

  4. My gift is being a loyal friend.

  5. my gift is to follow the golden rule

  6. well i think my big heart is a gift but sometimes a cures too

  7. I am very good at solving problems- math problems, relationship problems, customer service problems - I am hoping to give this book to a friend of ours because I think that this will solve his problem (just be happy with what you have - it's okay to be single)

  8. My gift is service. I just changed jobs and hope I will have more time to use it.

  9. I have been helping a lot more with child check in at our church. I love being able to use technology and help keep our kids safe. At the same time, I also volunteer to help with nursery time. I like working with kids, that's for sure.

  10. God gave me the gift of helping the less fortunate.I enjoy helping the homeless.I'm definitely a cheerful giver.I'm single and I'd love to read this book.Thank you & God Bless :)


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