Monday, July 22, 2013

The Blessings Jar {Review & #Giveaway}

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Tommy Nelson sent me a copy of My ABC of God Loves Me to review and keep.  All opinions are my own

You may remember that our family did a Thankful Giving Jar at the end of last year as a way to remember all that we've been blessed with and to give back to someone else.  When Moriah and I sat down to read The Blessings Jar it reminded me of our time writing down all of our own blessings a few months ago!  So, today I'm excited to share it with you and offer a copy to one of you, too!

Punky is disappointed that her friend is sick and unable to play.  As a result, she's having a pretty grumpy morning until her Grammy offers to take her on an adventure to fill a jar with things that remind them of God's blessings.

As they set out about their day, Punky's Blessing Jar keeps growing and by the end of the day Punky realizes how many things she really has to be thankful for.  She thanks her Grammy for helping turn her grumpy morning into a blessings filled day!

Moriah and I love reading this book together and it's definitely one of our new favorites!

Here's what Tommy Nelson has to say about The Blessings Jar:
*ages 2-5 
*Teaches young children the importance of thankfulness
*Celebrates the bond between grandparent and grandchild
*Shows children the wonders God has places all around them
*Oversized board book format is perfect for little
As an added bonus, here's a sneak-peek at a few pages of the book and a few coloring sheets to go along with it!

Today, one reader will win a copy of The Blessings Jar!  Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

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  1. My children and Grandchildren has been my greatest Blessing!

  2. The greatest blessing is my family! My husband and our 4 kids, and the foster kids we have along the way.

  3. The greatest blessing the lord have given me is a healthy happy daughter.

  4. My children and my husband. After years of trying and being told by the doctors that we couldn't have kids, the Lord blessed us with 3 back to back. They are my world (after my patient, understanding hubby of course!)

  5. family has been a great blessing in my life.
    Sherri J

  6. My husband is my greatest blessing.

  7. My family is my greatest blessing... especially my miracle granddaughter Nellie.

  8. my greatest blessings are my kids and the rest of my family as well.

  9. Jesus being my Lord & Savior first then my daughter and the rest of my family.Another blessing is my being cancer free 1 yr this past May.God is so good.Thank you :)

  10. my daughters, even though one is back in Heaven, and my husband are my greatest blessing

  11. My biggest blessing are my fiance and my family! I don't know what I would do without them!

  12. I have so many blessings but I would have to say my family too. It so great to be loved. :)

  13. The greatest blessing the Lord has given me is my family.

  14. My children are definitely my greatest blessings

  15. I have little ones who would love this book!

  16. my sweet family is my greatest blessing! thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)
    beth c

  17. My biggest blessings are my children!

  18. My kids of course .. also I am blessed to have a good heart .. I truly care about others:)

    Thank you

  19. Wow. The greatest blessing. That is so tough. I am blessed to have been born into a family that loves the Lord. They may not always be perfect, but if not for their example, who knows when I would have found God and the peace that he has given me. Thank you for the giveaway. Great review. :)


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