Thursday, January 31, 2013

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1 - {10 Days, $10, 1 Baby}

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Friends, I have been so overwhelmed by the generosity shown towards our family over the last few days.  The response has been amazing and I'm at a loss for words on how to say thank you.  I'm praying that the Lord will give me the proper words at some point.  Words will never be enough, though.

For the full story and to read our adoption announcement post, visit here!

Today has been an emotional day, but I now know {without a doubt} that the Lord has called us specifically to bring this baby girl home.
Last night we had a $10 donation come in from a friend.  I emailed her thanking her for her donation and she quickly expressed sadness at not being able to give more.  I told her that every little bit helps...and it does.

If you're anything like me, all you've seen is $35,000 and thought, "There's no way I can help with that."  

I get it and I know -- it's so much bigger than any one of us but it's not too big for God!

This morning the Lord laid an idea on my heart and I've fought Him all day about presenting it to you, but I know that He hasn't called us to walk this road alone.  So, I'm excited to present our biggest fundraising effort yet....

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1
10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl
Goal = $10,000

Our adoption agency has given us 15 days to raise the initial $10,000 we need.  The remainder will be due in increments until she is born.  But for now, we are praying for 1,000 friends to come alongside of us and donate just $10 each.  

I know $35,000 is overwhelming.  

I know $10,000 is overwhelming.

But $10 is a little less overwhelming.

So, would you commit to partnering with us and would you commit to praying for us?

If so, simply use the PayPal donation widget below (if you don't see the PayPal widget or you'd like a tax deductible option, you can donate here too).  If you'd rather send a personal check, please contact me here for our address.

Please leave a comment with your first name.  I'd love to use each of your names in a special project for our little girl; something she can always have to remember how many people helped bring her home.

And, if you're so moved, would you share this post?  On your blog, on social media, through email?  May the LORD be glorified in it all...

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  1. I'm a newer follower of your blog, and I've been reading and following the posts on your newest adoption. I'm praying for your family and I'm glad to see that you're trusting God all the way! I'm going to share this post.

    God Bless!

  2. Hi, I pitched in 10 bucks and hope that you reach your goal! Have a beautiful day :)

  3. Posted about your fundraiser on my blog.

    Praying for you! Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

  4. Having three children of my own (my last was born on this past Christmas!) I cannot imagine having to to go through this and how much stress it must be for your family.

    I hope you meet your goal and have that little angel in your arms soon!

    Chrissy @

  5. I love, love, LOVE this idea, Christie and it will be exciting to see how the Lord will bless. This was so easy and I look forward to sharing it with my friends and readers! Continuing in prayer. (oh, and my first name is Becky :) )

  6. I'm spreading the word! Today, Facebook, tomorrow- the blog! Praying God's will be done :)

  7. My heart breaks that I am unable to help you (I have $0 coming in right now), but I am praying for your family and I will be sharing this on my blog tomorrow. I wish you the best!

  8. Hey Q. God is doing the impossible. Its a blessing to be able to be apart of this big move God is doing for your family. Your family will be in my prayers, and I will most definitely spread the word with my friends and family.


  10. Yeah! This is awesome, Christie! Be at peace - all things are possible through Him! You are blessing us all with your faith journey.

  11. I donated some for your sweet family and also put your link on my personal facebook page and my blogs facebook page. I'll praying for you too. God is faithful to provide, I do know that. Hang in there.

  12. I will take this challenge ;) and also be lifting you up in prayer - God can part a Red Sea (Exodus) I know He will make $ 10,000 into $35000

    ;) I can't do it tonight but will come back tomorrow ;)

  13. Done....praying this sweet LOVE home!!

  14. Hi, there! My family is close friends with the Partyka family of I saw first hand with their adoption how the Lord is able to provide, even in a time span that seems impossible. We are praying you continue to rest in and trust His perfect provision of all things! We glady chipped in $10 and I will share on fb. Can't wait to experience the Lord's glory in adoption once again. - The Brown family

  15. Go get your baby! Gladly chipped in for bringing her home!

  16. Hey Christie, how can I put the widget for the fundraiser on my blog as well to help out?


  17. Is there a link available for people who don't have Flash and so cannot use the widget? Thank you!

  18. i donated! a baby girl is priceless and i hope with all my heart that you guys reach your goal. I will also post about this on my blog!

  19. I am so glad to have contributed $10 to help bring your sweetheart into her forever family!! We are currently in the throws of fundraising for our 3rd adoption! I know it can seem daunting, BUT--Nothing is too much for our Father who owns, not only the cattle on a 1000 hills--He owns the hills, too!!!
    I'll share your blog on Facebook by this evening! I'm praying for you, NOW!!
    Amy at

  20. Hi Christie,

    In a world with so many precious children in need, it baffles me that they don't give children to good families for less or even for free if they are worthy. You are in my prayers that you raise enough money. I don't have a lot but I'm going to pledge $ to help you out. God bless you!!


    Jean What Jean Likes

  21. So excited to be able to help you out! Shared it and praying that you'll see the mountain moved!!

  22. It is very expensive to adopt a child and I wish that it wasn't ~ I have been unable to carry a baby to term and we have thought of adoption but not having the money or means to finance this we are stuck. We also want to so dearly adopt my husband's nephew from West Africa but that is just about as expensive and we have to jump the same hoops as if it was a child that wasn't family.. doesn't seem fair. The child's mother passed away a few years ago (my husband's sister). My heart goes out to you and I hope that you are able to reach your goal.

  23. So happy to be even a tiny part of this! I'm so eager to see how God provides, and I can hardly wait to see your new baby. Tonight I'm praying for her, even as she's growing in the womb. May God keep His hand on her in a very special way!!

  24. Hi Christie,

    I'm going to use wisdom and wait to give this upcoming Friday and I've shared your link on my facebook page and my blog.

    Praying for you and your family and looking forward to seeing how God brings this all to completion!

  25. I put in a donation too. I hope this works out and you are able to bring the baby girl home! Lots of love!

  26. What a wonderful idea! I wish you much success with your fund-raiser!

  27. I am so happy for you and for your family! What a blessing! I am also so very glad to be able to make a donation to help you guys. I am praying for you and your family and this sweet little girl! Emily

  28. Done!! Hope this helps. Blessings and prayers for you guys!

  29. Just a thought, If you cannot afford adoption why not foster to adopt through your county? It's less than 1,000 dollars to do so. And there are thousands of waiting children. Thousands.

    1. Dear "Anonymous",

      Three and a half years ago we sat through foster care classes through our local DSS, did all of the necessary paperwork, fingerprinting, and home studies. We interviewed for a few children and were not chosen! On January 30, 2011 (a month after not being chosen for a beautiful little boy in foster care) a phone call came saying that a birth mother had chosen US to adopt her baby! We had no money, but we KNEW that Moriah was ours! Guess what? God provided the money then, just like he did a year ago when we said yes to Moriah's biological brother (which ended in a failed adoption), and just like He is now!

      We're adopting this precious baby because the LORD has asked us to. Please know that we did not seek out this adoption. Please read our full story and please know that we're doing everything we can think of (including selling our own possessions) to come up with the money on our own! But, I also know that this is not our story, it's His! So, I've given others the opportunity to help us fulfill His call for our lives. For HIS glory, not our own.

      Thanks for commenting!

  30. Christie, you are such an inspiration! May God bless you on this amazing journey He has you on. Found you at Heart + Home Link Up and wanted to say hi and send hugs and blessings your way!!!!
    ~Tonya from 4 little Fergusons

  31. Christie, I got your email with the link to donate, thank you! Of course now my Flash is updated and I can see the widget ;) But I donated using the link that you left in a comment on my (neglected)blog. Best wishes for your family, including your future daughter :) I'm praying that you raise the funds you need to bring her home! Cheers, Christal

  32. Praying for your upcoming adoption! I found you through the homemakers challenge post. May God use the little bit I was able to donate to weave a beautiful picture for your family!
    PS I'm going to follow along here :)

  33. Found out about your adoption fundraiser through Facebook. You are friends with my cousin, Tracy Wages. I feel blessed to be a tiny part of helping you and your family bring your baby girl home.
    ~~Jaime Lewis

  34. I'm happy to donate! I think adoption is a wonderful thing & such a blessing for you & the child. God bless your family!

  35. I found your link at I just want to help by sharing your site for your adoption. Good luck!


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