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As most of you have seen, we're doing a huge group giveaway starting October 21!  When I first set out to team up with The Crafter's Dream Group Giveaway, I wasn't sure how I would take part!  I didn't have anything to offer and I'm not crafty, either!  So, I stuck my neck out there and reached out to a few Etsy shops!  I'm so blessed and honored that Lisa stepped out to provide the giveaway item!

I wanted to take some time today to allow Lisa introduce herself and give you her testimony.  I pray that it will impact you the way it has me!

Lisa of YouNiqueDesigns4U:

I haven't been a Christian my entire life. In fact, it wasn't until I was
an adult that I really began to experience God's grace and mercy in my
life and realized the protection over my life that he had provided
from the time that I can go back in my memory bank to remember.

I knew that there was a God at a pretty early age because my mom would
always tell me that he would get us through what ever it was that we
were going through. I had such a distorted view of God as I thought
we was this big, rough looking man that sat with a staff in hand and
fingers pointing when I did something wrong, and that seemed to be
daily. I just knew that every time I "messed up" I would have to
do twice as many "good" things to make it up. So at times I felt
during my crazy life of dealing with divorce, abuse, self-image, being
the oldest and having to set the example, not measuring up and
continually wanting love and affection, in the right way, even though
I didn't know what that meant, from men, I thought that I would never
measure up to anyone's standards or expectations of me. Thus leading
to a very destructive life of bad decision after bad decision.

I went into adulthood with all of these insecurities but somehow,
through it all, I found Jesus. It wasn't a Grand, Ta-Da moment at
all. It was a process for me. It was piecing all of those people in
my life that spoke truth and life into me even when I wasn't ready to
receive it. The vacation bible school teams that would come to our
neighborhoods during the summer. The boys that really liked me for me
and told me that I was worth more than what I was doing with my life.
The teachers that believed in me even when I felt like I wasn't worth
it. My mother, always finding the best in every situation and
providing hope even through the darkness.

After I married and soon after we had our first son, I realized that I
wanted a different life for my children. I didn't want them to grow
up without God. Even though I was just getting to know Him, I knew he
was better than what the world had to offer.

So after about 10 years of searching and getting to know God and
learning about His love for me, I soon realized that I had a call on
my life to help young girls realize their design for life despite what
the world calls them to be. I had such a deep longing to offer them
something with hope and confidence of who they were in Christ.

After a couple of years of praying and searching and planning I
discovered an absolutely fabulous program that encompassed everything
that a girl should know about themselves and how God really feels
about them. A program called "Becoming a Modern Day Princess" by Doreen
Hanna. At first, the sound of it reminded me of pink tutus and tea
parties. (Totally not me!) But the content revealed the royal
position that every girl/woman has rights to. It goes from the
simplest act of discovering our personality profile, to our strengths
and opportunities (we don't say weaknesses any longer), to going
through where we get our wisdom from to finding and being Godly
friends, to the portrait of a true Prince, to our calling on our life.
This 10 session program ends with the most amazing celebration when
each of the girl's dads or another man of integrity in their lives,
crowns them and speaks a blessing over them. Talk about emotional!

I have been working with our youth for the past 6 or 7 years and have
realized how desperately they need us to show them truth, so I started
this program in our church and have become the regional rep for the
midwest region where our goal is to get this program into every church,
every after school program, and any place that girls are!

I know this doesn't relate to my crafting but, in essence it does. I have
learned that through our gifts and talents we are enabled to reach
people in places that we could never dream of. I have a great passion
for crafting which is another trait that my mother instilled in me. We could
always make something out of nothing just to have fun. I have found
that in words, we are able to create life or destroy life. I want to
create life that was instilled in me even when I didn't think I needed

My name is Lisa Smith, I am a natural mother of 2 and surrogate of
many, and I love my God and I accept His calling on my life to create
life and hope in others through instilling the confidence of God's
love in them and part of that mission is through my vinyl crafts. I
would never have met Christie had it not been through my crafts. I
have discovered we already have so much in common just by our
association and heart for the youth of today and tomorrow.

I am so excited to partner with her in this Christmas themed giveaway!
I hope you are the one that receives our gift!

May God richly bless you as you continue to read Christie's blog!!

Lisa, thank you for sharing your heart today and allowing us to get to know you better!

Do you mind paying Lisa a visit and welcoming her to the blog?  You can find her here:

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    What a great testimony! I can relate to so much of it! It’s so beautiful how God uses our children as a vehicle to bring us towards him. So many people (myself included) come to Christ when we realize we want something bigger for our children!!

    I’m a new follower and would love it if you could drop by and follow back. We have much in common!

  2. says

    excited about that giveaway! can’t wait to see it
    and what an amazing story. i love reading about the many ways that people came to know Christ in their lives. puts a smile on my face. thanks for sharing!

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