“Pray All Night”

A post about the time God asked me to pray all night, and a verse that tells us Jesus did.

These are the words I heard last night as I layed down to go to sleep. It started out with not being able to fall asleep, an uneasiness in my spirit, and then I heard/felt something say, “Pray all night…” Never have I felt this way and never have I prayed all night….

This brings back the story of Q and his college roomate, who happened to be from Venezuela. He came to college with his guitar and a pair of jeans…and His unshakeable love for Jesus. One night A told Q, “Let’s pray all night.” Q looked at him and said, “I’ve never prayed all night, I don’t have anything to pray all night for.” A said, “Sure you do.” So, they got out their notebooks, they wrote down every name they knew off and they prayed all night…even for the school janitor. Q is convinced that A’s ability to pray all night was due to the fact that his Venezuelan upbringing didn’t include all of the bombardments of our American upbringing. Praying all night is easy when you aren’t distracted by the TV, internet, or video games…amen.

prayer quote from christian blog

Well, I have to put my disclaimer out there now…I didn’t pray all night but I did get up. I wrote down every name and need that I knew of….including you and unknown needs. And I prayed for each one of them by name and need. What a blessing it was to pray for you. To not be so focused on my wants and wishes and my prayers and petitions. But to pray for others and knowing that God hears our prayers…He heard mine last night and He’s working all things out together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes…

At lunch today I told Q how tired I was and of the “urging” I felt last night to get up and pray. He said, “Well, why didn’t you?” And I said, “I did…but I was told to pray all night…” And he said, “Well, why didn’t you?” ….I don’t know why I didn’t….

It brought me back to the disciples in the garden, the night that Jesus, in agony, cried out to His Father…Lord, if you can, take this cup from me. But, not My will but Yours. And He went back to the disciples, after He told them to pray, lest they fall into temptation…and they were asleep…

On these days, thousands of years ago, Jesus, fully God/fully man, cried all night long forĀ me and you. He cried all night long for our sins…

But, today, we can’t even praise Him all night long, or pray to Him all night long…it’s just too long, Lord. No, it’s not…pray all night long if you have to. And I mean…all night long. He’s there…He’s risen…He’s interceding for you and for me

Happy Easter!

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Christie is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little girls, a pastor's wife, and lover of Jesus. Her hope is that STC would be a source of encouragement for women all over the world!

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  1. Dardi says


    I was really troubled about something that had happened to my daughter a few months ago. I awoke in the night, unable to rest. I got up, pulled out my bible & journal, & prayed for the situation, surrendering it b/c I KNEW I should not try to “handle it” on my own. It was so amazing to see God “handle it” in ways that I could not. Praise Him!!!

    Thanks for the reminder of the awesome opportunity we have available to us 24/7…I will remember the next time I wake up in the night. :o)

  2. Debra says


    Thanks for a beautiful post. I had the privilege years ago (at least 15) of hearing a great prayer warrior who talked about how God would wake her at all hours of the night and bring to mind people to pray for. When my children were little, and I would be woken up due to their needs, I would fill those times praying because I sure wasn’t sleeping:0! But, as they have grown older (13 and 15), the Lord continues to wake me and urge me to pray. What a sweet thing for the Lord to show you now in your journey with Him. And, thanks for praying for us!

  3. mommy24treasures says

    hi thank you for coming by my blog. Nice to meet you:)
    We are so blessed with a Savior that is continually praying on our behalf.
    Thank you for the reminder.

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