Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Story: Daniel & My Story: Noah {Review & Giveaway}

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Children's Book Review

The My Story series (My Story: Daniel My Story: Noah) have been favorites around our home the last few months!  The Old Testament stories are some of the richest in the Bible and it's been a pleasure to be able to share some of those with Moriah in such a fun and engaging way.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Time For Parenthood

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Parenthood is probably one of the busiest seasons of life, especially when your children are between the ages of zero and...well until they move out (for some parents, it can still be crazy balancing their own aging parents and adult children). There are sleepless nights, teething children, making supper, church, school carpool, and so much more to juggle. It is quite easy to be so caught up in parenthood that you miss being a parent and enjoying your children.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Homemaking Through Servanthood

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Pitcher, basin, and towel

Usually, when I think of the word “homemaking,” I think of Better Homes and Gardens. You know, having a spotless showplace with the most beautiful designer furniture, a lovely table set with fresh flowers, fine china, and cloth napkins, cuisine containing ingredients you have to special order at a froo froo food market. Oh, and candles. Lots of candles.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adoption: An Urgent Call {Operation 10:10:1}

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On January 31, 2013 our family stepped out in faith.

We stepped out believing that Kharis was our daughter and that the Lord would provide every bit of what we needed to bring her home.  He did just that.

He provided over $36,000 in just 53 days.

He's good like that.

One of our biggest fundraising efforts was our 10:10:1 campaign.  We knew that $36,000 was beyond comprehension.  We realized that most people would step back and say, "That's way too much for me to contribute towards."  So in an effort to make things a little less overwhelming we encouraged everyone we knew to just give $10.  


For 10 days we prayed.  And people gave.  And God provided!  In 10 days we raised $10,019!

What an amazing time that was for our family!  And what an awesome opportunity you have to do it again!

Meet my friend, Merissa!

Merissa, of Little House Living, has been a bloggy friend for a couple of years.  I remember rejoicing with her as she learned of the adoption of her son, and I've quietly prayed for her as their family has set out to adopt again.  

Just last week she started preparing for their first fundraiser.  I excitedly shared their need for donated items and prayed that many of you would come alongside of her in that effort.  But, to my surprise, Merissa announced tonight that they had just been chosen to be the parents of a healthy baby boy born on Saturday (read the full story here)!  

I can't think of a greater Easter gift than the opportunity to adopt a new life!  On this day more than 2,000 years ago Christ died for us so that we might be adopted into the Kingdom.  And today we have the opportunity to come alongside of Merissa and her family as they adopt a baby into their family, raising him faithfully in the Lord so that one day he might be adopted into the Kingdom as well.

Merissa and her husband are traveling to pick up their new son on Wednesday, but that have not had time to fundraise.

They need $12,000 in 10 days, friends.

$12,000 sounds like a lot doesn't it?

It is.

But, with each of use giving at least $10, it's really not that much!

Can you forego a cup of coffee or a fast food lunch this week in order to bring home a new life?

Not only that, would you share this with your friends?  Email it, Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, Stumble it, G+ it.  Whatever you can do.  And if you're a blogger that might be willing to blog about Merissa's story, please leave a comment below or email me and I'll forward you the details!  

Life is worth it.  Adoption is worth it.

Let's bring this baby boy home!!

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