What brokenness has touched your heart recently? Hung heavy & not left you alone? Here's how I believe we should respond to such brokenness...

What to do When Brokenness Surrounds You

I heard the broken words of the woman sitting behind me on the tight flight from West to East. “There are just a lot of places with a lot of sadness.” The weight of her words hung heavy. I wanted to turn around and give this woman a hug – a hug that communicated, “I feel that sadness too. And I feel the brokenness. And it hurts my heart just like it hurts yours.” What world event has touched your heart and made brokenness all the more real? Was it the wildfires that destroyed … {Read More}

13 things marriage

Thirteen Marriage Lessons

In less than one week, Keith and I will have been married for thirteen years. In some circles, this seems like only a matter of days, but in others, we win the “Longest Married Award” by far. We may barely be in our forties, but having over a decade of marriage under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two. So today, I present thirteen lessons from thirteen years of marriage! Some of these are … {Read More}

How a mid-life mom can embrace change with joy; 3 truths for moms scared of losing purpose when releasing grown children. Learn to regroup and connect.

How a mid-life mom can embrace change with joy

I sat in my favorite chair, nursing cups of coffee in my "mid-life mom" grief.  Wandered around the house, peering aimlessly out windows.  Watched football for hours (I don’t even like football).  You see, I found myself in the midst of hanging up my active-mama hat and exchanging it for the “we’ll call you when we need you” hat. I didn’t realize exactly how hard that would be as a mom of four, … {Read More}

Do You Really Believe all the Scriptures

Do You REALLY Believe All the Scriptures?

Do you really believe all the Scriptures? I have been in church all my life. I remember going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night,and Wednesday night. I remember being in Sunday School and participating in many years of VBS. I even taught Sunday School and VBS. I spent 14 years of my adulthood with the same people in the same church. I always believed that "I believed" everything that is … {Read More}

nothing is a surprise

Nothing is a Surprise to God

I have to admit that there are days I would like to live…alone. Okay, not necessarily by myself, but I’d like to take my husband and my son, run away, and live somewhere where society and culture cannot influence us. Living in America today can be pretty frightening. People are selfish, narcissistic, mean, unconcerned. Sin-full. What is a Christian to do? Tuesday was the primary election … {Read More}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Grace & Truth {Week 69}

Grace & Truth exists to point people to Jesus! We hope this link-up will be a source of encouragement each and every week.  If you're a blogger our hope is that you'll use this space as a way to meet new friends within the Christian blogging community. If you're a reader our hope is that you'll meet new bloggers that love Jesus just as much as you do! Most of all, we hope you'll meet Jesus … {Read More}