10 Ways to Pray for Lost Loved Ones

Isn’t our God wonderful? We have tasted and seen that He is good. We have experienced the overwhelming fullness of joy in His presence. We can testify that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. One of the hallmarks of a Christ-follower is that we long for others to know Him, too. Especially those we […]

Encourage and embrace who your children are. They will thank you for it one day!

Embrace Who Your Children Are

The night before I had my oldest child, my pastor came to the hospital to pray over us and said something to me I will never forget.  He explained that babies were gifts from the Lord and although we physically have them and take care of them, they always belong to Him.  We all belong […]

10 ways to pray when you cant3

10 Ways to Pray When You Can’t Pray

Let’s be honest and talk about a little Christian secret… Despite all we know about prayer, the power of praying and the benefits of praying, as Christians, we don’t always feel like praying.  I know, for me, there are many reasons why I may not feel like praying. Sometimes I can’t seem to get focused. […]

Blog for women wants you to partner in prayer with them? Will you take a moment each Sunday to take their ministry to the Lord?

Sunday Blog Prayer – Week Three

Satisfaction Through Christ is so grateful to all who are joining us for our third weekly blog prayer. If you are not sure what this is about, please take a moment to read a bit about our hearts and why we are asking our viewers, subscribers, and readers to join us in prayer – to pray for […]

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Easiest DIY Birthday Calendar

When I got married, my family more than doubled in size. I started having a hard time keeping up with everyone’s birthday. For a while now, I’ve seen birthday calendar ideas on Pinterest. I’ve wanted to make one for myself, but never really liked the designs of the ones I saw online. They were all […]