exodus 20.12

Honor Thy Parents (as the Sandwich Generation)

Last week I had to take my mom to the ER at 9:00 at night. She is fine, and the specific details are hers to share. But, I was getting our son ready for bed, my husband was at work, and we were supposed to get up early and drive an hour for me to work at a homeschool event the next morning (and the kid was supposed to go with me). I was not quite a joyful daughter. I had every excuse, I thought, for feeling put out: my child was up way past his bedtime, he was upset that his grammy was in … {Read More}

To the Weary Children's Ministry Worker fb

To the Weary Children’s Ministry Worker

Something wonderful happened in our family on Friday. Something miraculous. Actually, make that two somethings wonderful - a double miracle long prayed for but still wondrously surprising. Two of my children made the decision to follow Jesus, receiving Him as their personal Savior.  And quite frankly, I'm in awe. I'm in awe of a God who wants to have a relationship with mere … {Read More}

We need to learn how to pray for godly marriages. God has given us instructions in His word on how to pray. Let's seek His face and pray for godly marriage.

How To Pray For godly Marriages

I remember the day he was born. 8 pounds 81/2 ounce bouncing baby boy! He was the best baby always smiling always content. Today he is  a 23-year-old happy, content, smiling, adult young man, with a wife! On June 13th, Andrew and Katie celebrated their 1 year Anniversary! Where in the world does the time go? Today I am going to talk about , "How to Pray for godly Marriages!" From the time, he … {Read More}


How to Be a Berean

I hear it *all* the time. Well-meaning women say things to one another, trying to be helpful and encouraging, thinking that what they are saying to each other is a biblical truth, when, in fact, it is not. “God helps those who help themselves” (Ben Franklin). “God never gives us more than we can handle” (a gross misunderstanding and misquoting of I Corinthians 10:13). “Nothing is impossible … {Read More}

When Letting Go is Easy

When Letting Go is Easy

Maybe it's because I'm not that sentimental but I find myself in this "should I be sad?" pickle. I hear parents & grandparents all over say things like, "Enjoy it, you'll miss this someday," and the like but when I hear these comments all I can honestly think is "Maybe, but I'm ok with that." Nichole Nordeman recently released a video called Slow Down summarizing the notion to hold onto … {Read More}

What brokenness has touched your heart recently? Hung heavy & not left you alone? Here's how I believe we should respond to such brokenness...

What to do When Brokenness Surrounds You

I heard the broken words of the woman sitting behind me on the tight flight from West to East. “There are just a lot of places with a lot of sadness.” The weight of her words hung heavy. I wanted to turn around and give this woman a hug – a hug that communicated, “I feel that sadness too. And I feel the brokenness. And it hurts my heart just like it hurts yours.” What world event has … {Read More}