Dis. Grace.: Responding Biblically to Church Scandal

It happened again last week. Another scandal. Another high profile pastor stepping down from the ministry in disgrace. Another family broken. Another church stunned and bereft. And it's not just the money grubbing televangelists anymore, either. This was one of the theological good guys. Sadly, pastors and Christian leaders - both those in the public eye and those right around the corner - seem to be dropping like flies these days. Adultery. Financial sin. Pornography. Abuse. Fraud. The list … {Read More}


How to Overcome Evil With Good + Grace & Truth {Week 24}

We unquestionably live in an evil world. It taints our relationships and it terrorizes our world. So what is a Christ-follower to do? God has something to say about this. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:21) This is one of those verses that rolls off the tongue rather easily, but what does it mean? How can I achieve this seemingly impossible feat, … {Read More}

wise men

Wise Men, Astrology, and Horoscopes

If you're a member of our Satisfaction Through Christ community group on Facebook, you may recall that, until recently, I wrote a weekly column over there called "Tough Questions Tuesday." It was a brief, biblical look at challenging issues and questions about the Bible and Christianity. Since I no longer have time to write a weekly post, I'll be addressing some of those "TQT" issues here on the … {Read More}


Into the Stillness + Grace & Truth {Week 23}

Sometimes a writer has a gift of weaving plain old letters and words together in a way that makes poetry. Even when she's not meaning to. Dawn Boyer of Journeys in Grace is one such writer. And in today's featured post, like an expert artist, she paints a picture of what it means to abide in Christ. To go to Him in the morning and again at noon and again at night... and to remain in Him … {Read More}

Prayers for waiting fb

When God Says Wait – 10 Prayers While You’re Waiting

Has God ever asked you to wait? You know what I mean, right? You're trucking along your merry way, and He abruptly brings you to a crashing halt. Yeah. I've been there, too. Just about three years ago, we began to sense God calling us to be foster parents. So we spent the required number of weeks in training and then waited for the phone call letting us know needy children were on … {Read More}

Redemption: I'm Not Who I Was

Redemption: I’m Not Who I Was

While the Bible contains countless stories of amazing healing, whether it be physical or emotional, there is nothing greater than seeing souls redeemed and healed.  Seeing testimonies of people who were once walking in darkness to come into the Light by the grace of God. Redemption. To witness the evidence of the Spirit's work by bringing people from who they were - sinners - to who they are … {Read More}