Book Review: Pitchin’ A Fit!

Thus, yelling can become terribly addictive for parents. It feels like a fast track to getting their children's attention, and it leaves them feeling satisfied. - Pitchin' a Fit, page 85. Do you yell? Ever? Are you ever angry with your kids, and unable to deal with them in a gentle, Christlike manner? I am ashamed to admit that I yell, more than I'd like. Some days it seems to be my default parenting response. When we were contacted to review Israel and Brook Wayne's new book Pitch' a Fit: … {Read More}

Did you know there are five words a Christian should never say? If you are saying these words you are committing heresy. Join me as I talk about this important subject.

5 Words A Christian Should Never Say

There are a lot of issues facing us as Christians today. Same-sex marriage, the transgender movement, abortion, feminism, subjection of the wife to the husband...  and so much more. I have a Biblical stance on all of these issues but my purpose in writing today is to point out 5 words a Christian should never say and why they should not say them. I have heard them tossed around by those who are … {Read More}

Rocking Ordinary is an honest book of practical wisdom that shows how leading an ordinary life of obedience makes you a successful Christian woman.

Be a Successful Christian Woman by Rocking Ordinary

Do you long to be a successful Christian woman whose influence will have a significant positive effect on the world around you? Don't we all! Are you afraid that's a privilege reserved for a few select super-stars who've got it all together? That your life is too ordinary to merit a second glance or leave a lasting impression? This post contains affiliate links. Don't be decieved! "God … {Read More}

Prayer for a Wounded Nation fb

Prayer for a Wounded Nation

Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of the earth and the sky and all that is in them, We come to you humbly, acknowledging to You and reminding ourselves that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men. This means all attempts of mankind to usurp Your authority will result in devastation on this earth. Every. Single. Time. We can see with our own eyes some of the effects of that … {Read More}

exodus 20.12

Honor Thy Parents (as the Sandwich Generation)

Last week I had to take my mom to the ER at 9:00 at night. She is fine, and the specific details are hers to share. But, I was getting our son ready for bed, my husband was at work, and we were supposed to get up early and drive an hour for me to work at a homeschool event the next morning (and the kid was supposed to go with me). I was not quite a joyful daughter. I had every excuse, I … {Read More}

To the Weary Children's Ministry Worker fb

To the Weary Children’s Ministry Worker

Something wonderful happened in our family on Friday. Something miraculous. Actually, make that two somethings wonderful - a double miracle long prayed for but still wondrously surprising. Two of my children made the decision to follow Jesus, receiving Him as their personal Savior.  And quite frankly, I'm in awe. I'm in awe of a God who wants to have a relationship with mere … {Read More}