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Sunday Blog Prayer & Free Prayer Journal Printable

Free Prayer Journal Printable – Genesis 16:13 The God Who Sees Me Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying a day of worship to the King! He is so worthy isn’t He? I picked a verse from this weeks reading that proves His worthiness to us – I hope you enjoy this […]


Five Things I Wish I’d Done Before Getting Engaged

Five Things I Wish I’d Done Before Getting Engaged I’m twenty-two, and I’m engaged to a man I have only known for six months. Some of you reading this might call me crazy – and I don’t know if I could bring myself to argue with you. But, when I sit back and look at […]

I Know For Sure | Satisfaction Through Christ

There Are Few Things I Know For Sure

  There are few things that I know for sure One, is that God’s love for me is nothing but pure He sent His only Son to die for me His unconditional love sets me free His grace covers all my sin and shame He not only created me, He calls me by name He […]

simple laundry system

Simple Laundry System {involve the kids!}

Simple Laundry System It’s time to talk about laundry. We all have it. It just simply needs done. Why not get a system in place that makes it easier? And if you have kids, get them involved! Today I want to share my laundry system that works great with my four kids (soon to be […]

Waiting on God

God has a Purpose for Your Waiting

God Has a Purpose for Your Waiting You have likely seen the above picture floating around social media. It is designed to make you feel ok, if not good, about waiting on God. However, I want to feel more than good about waiting on God; I want to experience a joy and peace that only […]