“If He Were Just…” + Grace & Truth {Week 19}

Your husband should be the spiritual leader of your home. Can I get an "Amen"? But wait... where's the term "spiritual leader" in the Bible, exactly? Especially the part that lays out for us what that looks like. Or is much of that ideal something I've come up with on my own? I'll just be honest and say that I was pretty blown away by the perspective Karen Costello shared in today's featured post. It has the potential to completely change the way you view your husband, in the best kind of … {Read More}

Power of Praise

The Power of Praise

I was not a happy camper this morning. Yard work was on the agenda. My nemesis since childhood. I'm not really much of an outdoor girl. OK, so not at all. I prefer not to venture past my front porch unless I have to. And I do mean "have to." Like if the house caught fire, for instance. I'm pretty sure I'd have to go out into the yard in that case. Maybe even … {Read More}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Holy Moments + Grace & Truth {Week 18}

Motherhood is filled with holy moments. The ones that compel your eyes to linger on tiny faces just a little while longer. The ones that pull on your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes. In today's featured post. Melanie Singleton shares a poem that beautifully illustrates these moments in a way that will touch your soul and inspire you to look for holy moments in the very mundane … {Read More}

From Fear to Freedom

From Fear to Freedom

Walking home from a friend's house one night, I decided to cut through the university campus so I could crawl in bed at a half-decent hour. The cold on my cheeks & the wind through my sweatshirt made me walk a little faster, hoping to get warm sooner. Then it hit me. A fist to the side of my head and weight pushing me to the side of the building.  Bushes caught on my workout pants, … {Read More}


Recognizing God’s Grace in the Mess

Originally, when I came up with the idea and title for this article, I wanted to convey the message that God's grace is evident even in the boring and tedious elements of life that we sometimes approach with insufferable ennui.  Ever the philomath, I decided to research the definition of "grace" to make sure that it was the exact word I was looking for.  It turns out that "grace" has more than one … {Read More}

Grace & Truth : A Weekly Christian Link Up

Meet Lough Fook – My Hero + Grace & Truth {Week 17}

"What can one person do?" Do you ever ask this in the face of such overwhelming problems in our world? Human trafficking, slavery, poverty, disease, starvation, abortion, parentless children, political corruption... and on and on it goes. All too often the sheer numbers involved with these issues mock our insignificance, paralyzing us from doing anything to help. Because after all, any … {Read More}