Do you understand that the scriptures are the only words that truly comfort? Join me over at Satisfaction through Christ as I discuss this.

Why Won’t You Let Me Comfort You With Scripture?

  Have you ever been in a situation when a friend or family member needed comfort? You use Scripture to try and comfort them and all they do is push it away!  If the person you are comforting is an unbeliever it is understandable that they would not receive it. God tells us in His word, "The word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." 1 Corinthians 1:18. BUT, what if the one you are trying to comfort is a believer and they push it away? There is something really wrong … {Read More}


What’s the Deal with Spiritual Gifts?

Charismatic churches and religions are growing, and evangelical churches are jumping in with spiritual gifts tests and classes, so many people are wondering, "What's the deal with spiritual gifts?" Spiritual gifts as a whole are much too large to cover in one blog post. However, I decided to write a little about them because of a comment on my last post, Religion Matters, where I told about … {Read More}


35 Things to Do Instead of Facebook

Let's be honest. For most of us, there's a lot to like about Facebook. I like reading my friends' status updates and looking at their pictures. I like seeing funny or inspirational memes. I like being encouraged through articles and Scriptures posted by others. I like stumbling across a recipe or quick tip that's helpful in my life. I like finding Christian Facebook pages that … {Read More}

Bible as Homeschool Curriculum

I believe that Bible should be taught as part of everyday homeschool curriculum. There. I said it. :) This is a very controversial topic, I have discovered. Now, I am still relatively wet behind the ears when it comes to homeschooling: I have a six year old. But I've attended three different homeschool conventions and read approximately 902,379,032 blogs about the debate on whether or … {Read More}


Religion Matters

Instead of sharing straight from Scripture this time, I am going to share some things about my story. My heart is heavy with many things. I came across an old Tweet that I had re-tweeted from a previous pastor, with a quote that said something like, "God doesn't care about your religion; it's your relationships that matter." I agreed with it at the time, but things have changed in my … {Read More}

Events happen all the time that make us say, "What am I supposed to do with this junk?" Here are three truths to remember when life hands you trash.

When Life Hands You Trash

Sometimes life hands you trash. Do you get rid of it as soon as possible or try to make the best of it?   Not long ago, our printer died. We did our best to resurrect it, but . . . we failed. So, late one night we set it at the end of our driveway, hoping one of the trash collectors who scout the neighborhood would be happy to take it away for pieces or recycling or … {Read More}